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Por David Rivera Bautista


Una de las mayores ilusiones del hombre siempre ha sido volar. Desde hace muchísimos años se ha estudiado la anatomía de aves, impresionados por su estructura y capacidad de poder mantener un vuelo prolongado.

Con la creación de los aviones, el ser humano pudo volver su sueño realidad, aunque no haya sido como lo esperaba. Sin embargo, poder observar las nubes y todo a su alrededor desde una altura de 32,000 pies es algo maravilloso.

Si bien se puede capturar una fotografía para atesorar el recuerdo de poder volar, el piloto y fotógrafo Christian van Heijst los lleva a otro nivel, dejando entrever la belleza de la naturaleza y el mundo.

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Countless of villages and town in the Canadian province of Alberta are slowly drifting by below, while the main scenery is showing off above us. The awe-inspiring waves and ripples of multi-coloured northern lights dance to invisible music, stretching up into the far reaches of outer space. Their upper ends reaching as far as the International Space Station, circling the planet at an altitude of roughly 400km. . No wonder that the indigenous people of the Arctic regions thought they were looking at heavenly manifestations of the Gods or the supernatural they believed in. The aurora’s mesmerizing intensity and incredible dimensions are still overwhelming for me, even while I understand the nature of those lights and how they are a logical result of physics. I cannot even imagine the crushing effect of these lights on those first people that saw the northern lights for the first time. Fear, inspiration, hope and wonder are just a few things that would come to mind. . I wished everyone could see it at least once, for it would certainly show what a beautiful little planet we live on. . Have you ever seen the northern lights? . #northernlights #aurora #auroraborealis #milkyway #stars #nightphotography #nightsky #nature #earth_shotz #earthofficial #canada #alberta #piloteye #pilotview #photooftheday #photodaily #photoftheday #instadaily #instaphoto

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Desde su cabina, no solo se ha especializado en pilotaje (cuenta con más de 8 mil horas de experiencia), sino que también se ha dedicado a la fotografía, particularmente de nubes y distintos tipos de clima, que incluyen tormentas eléctricas, amaneceres, y auroras boreales. Algunas te transmiten paz y tranquilidad, mientras que otras tienen un nivel de dramatismo e intensidad bastante alto, que te hacen dimensionar el lugar en el que nos encontramos.




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Sagittarius Rising.
A clear view of the Milky Way with planets Mars and Jupiter clearly visible on the left and right side of the band of stars that glow in the heavens above. One of the most commonly asked questions is how I manage to get sharp and correctly exposed night-shots from the cockpit.
A couple of factors are at play here and I’ve written a new blog (7 minute read) about the challenges, setup and equipment I use for those kind of shots. .
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. https://bit.ly/2OAoduP . (Sorry for the long link.. I wished I could have added a simple link. The link in my latest story does work though) . #longexposure #longexposure #blog #pilot #pilotlife #photographyblog #milkyway #milkywaychasers #aerial #nightphotography_exclusive Una publicación compartida por Christiaan van Heijst (@jpcvanheijst) el

Te dejamos algunas de las fotografías que ha tomado, así como su cuenta de instagram para que puedas seguir más de cerca todo su trabajo.

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Runway 7R in Anchorage, Alaska. Located near the southern coast of Alaska, this city is one of the busiest places in the entire state and its busy Ted Stevens Int’l Airport serves amongst others, as a refuelling-hub for most of the freighters that carry goods between Asia and the United States. With relatively little human presence in this enormous state, you simply step into nature the moment you leave the city. Mountains, glaciers, wildlife, breathtaking sceneries and wilderness are all in abundance. Not without reason the Alaskans call this state ‘The Final Frontier’. Actually, you don’t even have to leave the city to encounter wildlife. Not talking about some rogue cargo-pilots that can be found in some of the infamous pilot bars that Anchorage harbours, but actual bears and moose are often spotted in the city and around the airport perimeter, taking airplane spotting to a whole other level. Every time after landing or leaving the hotel hotel I inhale deeply. When doing so, I suddenly realise how crisp and clean air actually smells like. Shocking to realise that this is a rarity today. I can’t wait to be back again, its been way too long. This photo was taken from the jumpseat while my colleagues were flying the plane. #alaska #anc #landing #runway #avgeek #aviation #aviationgeek #aviationlovers #aviationphotography #airport #pilotlife

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